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ProductionsMain Stage :: Stand Up Comedy :: Saulo García X 2

Saulo García's

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By Saulo García
Directed by Yoshvani Medina
Performed in Spanish only. (No English translation available).

Tickets start at $35.
VIP seats available.
By phone: 212.225.9999

Duration: 1 hour and 40 minutes. No intermission. 
Photo by Michael J. Palma  
Recommended for all audiences

A hilarious one-man show with Saulo García, the gifted comedian who brought us Life in the United Slaves and American Insomnia. Saulo ventures into themes such as politics, marital lies and parent-teenager relationships. In doing so, he delivers a show that stands out because of the frequent laughter that erupts from its audience as well as the thoughts that result from Saulo’s observations. Thoughts that seek to foster reflection and move the soul.

El insomnio americano
“Insomnio Americano” is a tragicomedy about the arrival of thousands of immigrants from all over Latin America in the United States.
La vida en los Esclavos Unidos
A new comedy by Saulo García about the lives of immigrants in the USA.

138 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016
Tel. 1-212-225-9999