Cándido Tirado

Cándido Tirado is known for his works as playwright and director of works inspired in issues that affect the Hispanic Community. His Off-Broadway productions include: “King Without a Castle”; “Moribundo”; “First Class”; “The Barber Shop,” which was presented at Repertorio Español; “Ilka: The Dream”; “Hands of Stone”; “The Missteps of Juan Pachanga”; “Some People Have All The Luck”; “Swallowed By The Sea”; “Momma’s Boyz”; “When Nature Calls”; “The Kid Next Door”; “Hey There Black Cat”; “Abuelo”; “The Fish Man”; “The Missing Colors of the Rainbow.” His works have been presented at The District in Los Angeles; Repertorio Español, The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, INTAR, The Latino Experimental Fantastic Theater, NYC Hip Hop Festival, P.S.122, Songs of Coconut Hill Theater Festival, Ollantay, La MaMa, and Soho Rep. in New York; and Sundance Theater Lab in Utah. His play “Some People Have All The Luck” was presented at the National Theater of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. His plays have appeared in publications such as “Recent Puerto Rican Theater: Five Plays from New York” (Arte Público); “Nuestro New York: An Anthology of Puerto Rican Playwrights” (Penguin, Mentor Books); “Conducting a Life; Essay about Maria Irene Fornes” (Smith and Kraus Books) and “Positive/Negative: Women of Color Living with H.I.V” (Aunt Lute Books). Tirado has been the only playwright to receive four New York Foundation for the Arts’ Artists Fellowships including one for “Momma’s Boyz” in 2006. Tirado is also a teaching-artist in several New York City schools through Repertorio’s Education Program, ¡DIGNIDAD!.

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