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Recent News
Repertorio Español Presents "En la USA me quedé" (In the USA I Stayed) by Saulo García
Repertorio Español Presents "Your Name Will Follow You Home" by Carlos Murillo
Repertorio Español is proud to present the world premiere of "Barceló con Hielo"
Repertorio Español to perform and hold panel discussion at The New York Times
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Board of Directors

Repertorio Español’s board of directors make up a diverse collage of industries, companies, and talent that help shape the theater’s future. Many board members share a history of ten-plus years. The board members’ mix of passion for the theater and the Spanish-language culture combined with their individual talent and leadership allow Repertorio Español to pursue and obtain its goals.

Andrew Thomas Chair
Mariana Sabater Vice-Chair
María Cristina Anzola
Ovidio Díaz-Espino
Daisy Expósito-Ulla
Robert Weber Federico
Daniel Flores
Horacio Herzberg
Carlos López-Oña
Francisco J. Martínez Colón
John M. Mejía
Charles J. Montoya
Nellie Nieto
Ramón J. Pineda
Santiago Rubín
Lawrence M. Small
Roger Thomas
Sava Thomas
Alfred Torres
Pedro J. Torres
Jorge Ulla

Advisory Board
Norberto Bogard
Myriam Castillo
Joel Epstein
Salvador Fernández
Manolo García Oliva
Armando E. Mejía-Gallardo
Rubén M. Muñíz
Antonio Rodríguez

Founders & Personnel
Company Members

138 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016
Tel. 1-212-225-9999